The Tacoma Ledger is the University of Washington Tacoma’s student newspaper. As an arts and entertainment writer, I searched for local stories that were not only pertinent to students, but also pertinent to the local community. After taking over as the editor-in-chief, my main focus was to expand the paper’s ability to cover hard news. Additionally, I moved the paper away from an in-house editing style to Associated Press style. The Tacoma Ledger is a paper publication, but you can view our website here. The stories I wrote for the paper are below:

Seeking spectacular scenes? Lake Cushman has what you’re looking for

UW students get a steal and a show at Rainiers game

Tacoma’s musical saving grace

Opinion: How political media coverage pulled a page out of the sports media playbook

Tacoma taproom take travel to new heights

Editorial: Old medium, new plan: making a newspaper for students, by students

Donald Trump overcomes polls to defeat Hillary Clinton

Editorial: Progressives don’t like Clinton either

Editorial: Our Trump cover tells a story — whether we like it or not

Editorial: Everyone’s New Year’s resolution should be to quit social media