Hello everyone!

My name is Daniel Barnett, and I am a former active duty Air Force mechanic and current Air Reserve Technician who is ready to take the next step in my life!

I spent 12 years in the active duty military garnering ample amounts of work and life experience. I also lead several groups overseas in remote duty sites, including stations in Asia, Europe and the Middle East.

Writing is my number one passion! During my military and college career, I have honed my writing skills to span over several different types of platforms. My capabilities include writing for print, web and broadcast news, screenwriting for film and television, and fiction, non-fiction and poetry writing.

Through my years of college, my courses have provided me the opportunity to work with both video production and radio, and I love the level of creativity that comes out of both industries! Spending time on a sports radio show through internship was a fantastic experience, and writing, creating and editing video for the several college courses I’ve taken doesn’t even seem like work.

When I left the military, I knew that my passion for film, television and sports radio was not just a hobby. I have committed myself to the communication industry, and with my wife and two children fully supporting me, the sky is the limit!

You can follow me on Facebook and on Twitter @danielpbarnett1.

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